Your parent’s had financial advisors selling them retirement annuities because they didn’t know any better.

At Drake Wealth Management, we recognize how the ever-changing
investment landscape has commoditised this important part of our financial lives.



Drake Wealth Management was founded by Johnathan Drake.

After graduating with a BCOM in law, Johnathan decided to follow his passion of investing and to improve the financial lives of those around him. His personal experiences with student debt, higher education and career development are similar to what many millennials find themselves going through. The economic landscape and challenges facing millennials are new and so the way we approach them must be as well. It is with that in mind that Johnathan founded Drake Wealth Management, a personal brand dedicated to providing effective and relatable advice to some of South Africa’s hardest working young professionals and entrepreneurs. Having worked in the independent advice space both abroad and in South Africa, Johnathan is in a unique position to provide advice solutions that very few financial advisors in the industry are able to deliver their clients.

A new approach to the economic landscape for millennials


Financial Planning

There are many times we have come across clients who have existing investments. However, there’s more to financial planning than just investments. How are your investments taxed? How long will your money last you when you retire? What happens to the money when you die? Is there enough money to care for the needs of your loved ones if you pass away unexpectedly? It’s these kinds of questions that clients often don’t know the answers to and where having a concrete financial plan in place becomes important.

Our plans contain objective observations and provide specific recommendations that encompass all areas of your finances.

Here’s what we do:

1. We begin by first identifying and prioritising your financial goals.

2. After you have shared your financial information, we provide specific recommendations that will help you realise your financial goals

3. We then help you implement the recommendations we provided

4. Our services are then on-going and we track your progress over time through regular reviews. This will allow us to re-evaluate if the plan is working for you and so that we can make any adjustments should your situation change along the way.


Your parent’s had financial advisors selling them retirement annuities because they didn’t know any better. Things have changed since the early 90’s.

At Drake Wealth Management, we recognize how the ever-changing investment landscape has commoditised this important part of our financial lives. It is for this reason that we have partnered with providers that offer cost-effective, fee-only investment services that are designed to save you time and increase the overall long-term end value of your investment.

We apply the following practices when it comes to long-term investing:

• Diversification and strategic asset allocation.

• A mix of passive and active investments for the most efficient and well-covered areas of the market.

• Using low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and unit trust funds when appropriate.

• Regular rebalancing and professional oversight with regular reviews.

• A transparent fee-only, no commission structure. Not everyone managed to get in on the Google IPO, and that’s fine because at Drake Wealth Management we are not glorified stock-pickers. We believe a practical investment strategy, along with financial planning will, with time help you reach your financial goals.


We know insurance isn’t the most exciting thing to discuss with our millennial clients. That’s why at Drake Wealth Management we handle all your needs in-house instead of referring you to a web of insurance brokers and agents so that we can teach you how the right insurance policies could offset every day risks. We then search the market place for the most affordable policies from reputable insurance companies. We take the hassle out of applying for cover by completing your paperwork and by making sure you know exactly what you are paying for and ensuring each step of the process runs smoothly.

Drake Wealth Management specialises in the following types of insurance:

• Life, disability and severe illness cover

• Car and home insurance

• South African medical aids

• Gap cover

Employee Benefits

We know the business environment is tough and that business is constantly evolving to meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers.

Let us support your business by implementing innovative employee benefit strategies that motivates your employees and put you ahead of the competition.

We also help shareholders and partners plan for the future growth of the business, reach financial independence and plot their succession plans.

Some of our services include:

• Designing, implementing and managing employee provident, pensions and retirement annuities.

• Implementing and managing group life and disability insurance cover.

• Providing buy-and-sell as well as keyman risk cover.

• Consulting and business financial planning

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